As Temperatures Plunge, Demand For 'winter Clothes' Rises In Country

As temperatures plunge, demand for 'winter clothes' rises in country

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th Oct, 2019 ) :With the sudden plunge in temperatures, the demand of woolen clothes including jackets, trousers, shawls and sweaters has increased with the shopkeepers and vendors across the country were seen doing remarkable businesses.

Shopkeepers , retailers and many other fashion brands all across the country start displacing sweaters, jerseys and jackets in their shops to attract the customers.

According to retailers, cold weather forced the people specially parents to buy winter clothes and other necessary items for their little ones to beat the severe wave of cold.

Customers are demanding new winter designs and fresh arrival both in stitched and un-stitched or ready to wear clothes on discounted rates as well, adding that imported and high quality garments are the first choice of the buyers, but definitely the shopkeepers keep in mind the budget of the customers, they added.

A good number of buyers, especially those belonging to low and fixed income groups, are crowding the makeshift shops to buy warm clothes as this season sees early arrival of winter.

A mother said after sudden change in weather I went to market to buy the warm stuff for me and for my children.

As the winter arrived I have come here to buy some warm clothes for my family members," said Bakir Shoiab.

A shopkeeper, who sells warm clothes, said since the onset of winter he has been doing good business as demand for winter clothes has picked up.

Hania Syed , who owns a shop and boutique, said these days the business is booming as many customers are buying warm suits and we have number of female designs for winter season.

"The vendors were doing efficient business as warm clothes were selling like hot cakes," said a vendor Taking the advantage of good demand of winter stuff, apart from shops, roadside vendors are also doing a roaring business of warm-apparel , said a citizen Asma Javed.

Like every year now again hustle and bustle could be seen in busy markets, which were deserted a few days back, said a customer while shopping for winter stuff.

Schools and colleges have also sent circulars to follow uniform code for winter, said a mother Kainat Kashif, adding, we have come to purchase new uniform pullovers for winter as old ones have got shorter.

Some of customer said , the low class citizens getting warm clothes from Lunda bazaars at very cheap prices.

On the other hand, according to quilt makers, they also become busy in stitching quilts from morning till midnight due to considerable increase in demand. Quilt is an additional item besides their regular products of pillows and mattresses .