Asad Umar Is Likely To Leave Politics: TV Report


Asad Umar is likely to leave politics: TV report

Prime Minister Imran Khan has offered his close aide the portfolio of Energy Minister but Asad refused to accept it, according to media reports

LAHORE- Although Prime Minister Imran Khan has offered the Energy Minister portfolio to Asad Umar, a local TV claimed the former finance minister is considering to quit politics.

“Asad Umar is thinking about quitting politics. He is likely to resign as MNA in next few days,” claimed a TV report.

Asad, according to the report, has started discussing the option with his family and friends.

He wanted to permanently shift to Karachi and live a quiet life with his family.

Asad Umar, who resigned as Finance Minister on Thursday, was considered a close aide and brain of the PTI. His removal put in shock PTI lovers who led a campaign on social media in favor.

But, the prime minister has refused to allow him to continue as finance minister and offered the portfolio of energy minister, which the latter has refused to accept, according to local tv.

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