Autopsy Performed By Exhuming Kausar's Dead Body For Forensic Analysis

Autopsy performed by exhuming Kausar's dead body for forensic analysis

ABBOTTABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 10th Jul, 2020 ) :A medical team comprising judicial magistrate and police official Thursday exhumed the dead body of late Kausar Bibi who died two weeks ago to collect the samples for forensic analysis on the directive of civil judge Abbottabad.

Kausar Bibi, wife of Chaudhary Naveed, was found dead near her house in the village Tain of Lora Circle. The in-laws of the diseased informed her parents that she fell from the stairs and sustained critical injuries.

The parents took their daughter to Lora hospital where doctors informed them that she had already been died many hours ago.

Giving bath to the dead body of Kausar, an unknown lady made the footage which clearly showed scars on the neck caused by the rope and other wounds on the body owing to the torture.

The video went viral and people believed that the girl was killed rather than an accidental death.

The parents of unfortunate Kausar registered the first information report in Lora police station that their daughter was murdered and requested for an autopsy.

After completion of legal formalities, a team of doctors and police under the supervision of magistrate performed the autopsy by exhuming the grave of the diseased.

Three years ago, Kausar Bibi got married with Chaudhry Naveed who was working in Dubai. He also returned from Dubai after the incident.

He informed the media that the death of Kausar Bibi was accidental.

After the result of autopsy, the mystery of Kausar Bibi's death would be resolved. Lora police also startedthe probe and investigated the in-laws of Kausar Bibi.