Balochistan Govt To Strengthen Price Control Committees


Balochistan govt to strengthen price control committees

Balochistan government has geared up strengthening price control committees in the province to prevent profiteers from exploiting general people

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 11th Sep, 2019 ) :Balochistan government has geared up strengthening price control committees in the province to prevent profiteers from exploiting general people.

Talking to APP, the spokesperson of Balochistan government Liaquat Shahwani said the government had been taking strict action against the shopkeepers and traders on overcharging.

He said the government had already set up proper price control committees at every district of the province and they were charging fines to the violators.

The spokesperson requested the citizens to demand price list from the shopkeeper before buying any good and pay according to the list as the price control authorities had been updating the lists after every three months.

Khalil Baloch, a resident of Quetta told APP that the venders were looting the consumers at large as the price control committees were totally inactive.

He said the traders were charging consumers according to their own will.

Rehmat Ullah, a senior journalist urged the provincial government and district administration to ensure effective working of price control committees.

They should protect consumers from adulterated eatables and food products as the retailers were selling substandard items at heavy rates, he added.

He said there was no such thing like price control seen in the province, everything had been limited to paper work only.

He added that no practical implementation and check and balance system was in place over the price of commodities.

The government should take action against such people who contravene and violate the law that had ensured price control and prevention of profiteering and hoarding, he said.

Commenting over increase in fares by transporters, a passenger Baz Gull Kakar said the government had fixed the fares but the transporters were charging their own self proclaimed fares.

He said the government should depute a special squad on every highway of the province to check the overcharging by transporters and facilitate the travelers.

People from different walks of life told APP that the consumers were kept unaware of the prices of daily use household and other items as the retailers did not display price lists in their shops.

The price controlling team, however, only put their weight for fixing fresh milk, Nan and chicken prices, they added.

They added that daily use products like vegetables, fruits, utilities and all dairy products were being sold on different retail prices without any authority's check.

The people of Balochistan had urged the concerned authorities and price control committees to take action against high prices of goods.

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