Better Care Of Cotton Suggested For Handsome Earning


Better care of cotton suggested for handsome earning

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 12th Sep, 2021 ) :Agriculture Department issued recommendations for better care of cotton, production of cotton seeds and clean picking to fetch handsome price from market.

According to the spokesman of the Punjab Agriculture Department, namely Abdul Samad, farmers should do pest scouting twice a week and spray plant extracts every week for effective control of whiteflies.

When the night dew dries, it was better time for picking and thus it helped earning good price. There should be no contamination in cotton.

Similarly, extra care should be ensured during transportation from field to market, he remarked.

Cotton should be kept in a ventilated place and tagged with lot number, seed germination and purity tag.

Moisture should not be exceeded to 8% when storing seeds, he instructed ginners.