Bilawal Bhutto Claims PTI’s Three Ministers Have Ties With Banned Outfits


Bilawal Bhutto claims PTI’s three ministers have ties with banned outfits

Demands removal of the ministers without mentioning their names, says he lacks trust over government action against banned groups

KARACHI- (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News- 14th March 2019) Claiming PTI’s three ministers have connections with the banned outfits, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Thursday demanded their removal from the Federal cabinet.

He, however, avoided mentioning Names of those politicians who according to him have links with the terrorists.

The PPP chairman during a media talk in Karachi also said he lacked trust over government’s action against banned organizations.

"Three ministers have a long history of their ties with the banned outfits. I demand their removal,” he said, adding if the government was not willing to put its own house in order then who will trust its claim regarding crackdown against terrorists.

Bilawal mentioned a video of the minister who could be seen talking to members of the proscribed organizations.

The other, he said, made entry into PTI from a UN-banned organization and the third one also has a history of having links with terror groups.

On exposing lies of the government, he said, the PPP was labeled as a traitor. The same act, he added, Indian Prime Minister Modi was performing against his opposition.

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