Bilawal Bhutto Says PPP Fully Supports Women Rallies For Rights


Bilawal Bhutto says PPP fully supports women rallies for rights

PPP co-chairman says his party believes on gender equality, Sindh government will not tolerate threat against women

LAHORE- (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News- 16th March 2019) PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has announced that his party will defend women rights and will not tolerate disrespect and threats to them.

He made this statement during a meeting with women delegation on Saturday.

The delegation met him to raise their concerns over the sense of insecurity they were feeling in Karachi after March 8 rallies.

Earlier, Jamaat-e-Islami MPA Abdul Rasheed made a strict criticism against the March 8 women march and announced to register a complaint to police to have a case registered against the organizers of the event.

Rasheed claimed the participants of the march disrespected women. He further claimed the march was the violation of basic principles of islam.

Bilawal, however, assured the women that they did not need to be afraid of anyone. He said his party and government were fully standing with them and that they would not tolerate any disrespect to women. He said PPP always raised voice for gender equality and minorities’ right and it will never compromise on these principles.

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