Bill Sought Increase In MPAs Salaries Not Passed In Haste, Claims PA Secretariat


Bill sought increase in MPAs salaries not passed in haste, claims PA secretariat

Punjab Assembly secretariat says the Punjab Public Representation's Law (Amendment) Bill-2019 bill passed after completing all legal process in 21 days

LAHORE- (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News- 14th March , 2019) Punjab Assembly has clarified that the bill sought raise in MPAs salaries was passed after completing all legal process in 21 days.

“The PA passed the Punjab Public Representation's Law (Amendment) Bill-2019 after completing all legal process in 21 days,” stated PA secretariat on Thursday.

The clarification was sent after the bill drew a lot of criticism from media.

Prime Minister Imran Khan himself took to the twitter to criticize the bill.

The government spokesman Fawad Ch also raised voice against multiple raise in the salaries of MPAs.

The statement issued from the PA secretariat said the impression that the bill passed in a haste was misleading and against the fact. As per details, 22 days earlier 5 MPAs including two of PML(N), one of PPP and two of PTI had submitted the Public Representation Laws Amendment Bill which was afterwards introduced in the Assembly on the Private Members Day and it was referred to the Standing Committee on Law which discussed the bill clause wise in its meeting.

The Standing Committee also undertook comparison with the salaries of the Chief Minister, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Ministers and Members of the Khyber Pukhtoonkhwah Assembly. And along with the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Law, the bill was again presented in the Assembly on March 13, 2019 which was approved by both sides of the House including the treasury and opposition benches whereas present Punjab Assembly has so far passed 13 laws of public welfare and this number is the maximum as compared to the other assemblies.

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