Black Day To Be Observed Across LOC Against Indian Occupation.

Black day to be observed across LOC against Indian occupation.

MUZAFFARABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th Oct, 2020 ) :Kashmiris living on the both sides of the line of control Pakistan and abroad will observe Black day on Tuesday (today) to condemn the illegal Indian occupation on their land on this day in 1947.

Pakistani and Kashmiri people observe October 27 as 'Black Day' every year to register their protest and indignation and to express their complete solidarity with the people of Illegally Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), who have been facing illegal occupation and gross human rights violation by the Indian forces in occupied Kashmir for the last 73 years.

In his message on the occasion the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan said that illegal landing of Indian forces in occupied Kashmir is a clear reflection of the Indian expansionist designs and totally against the morale and international principles.

He said India since 1947 had applied all illegal means to annex occupied Kashmir but the brave Kashmiri people started a liberation movement against the illegal occupation of Indian forces on held territory with full force and determination and stood like a solid rock.

He said after being failed in her nefarious designs Indian has started a war of repressions and introduced Black Laws to crush the indigenous freedom movement launched by the people of occupied Kashmir for attaining their agreed right to self determination.

He said the present government will continue to project the Kashmir issue at home and abroad in its true perspective and expressed the hope that the long night of terror and repressions would soon end and Kashmiri will ultimately get their right to self determination in accordance with the United Nations Security Council resolutions.