Boeing CEO Writes Letter To PM; Offers To Provide Advanced 787

Dreamliner To PIA


Boeing CEO writes letter to PM; offers to provide advanced 787
Dreamliner to PIA

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th August, 2016) : Boeing company has shown interest in the conversion of PIA's existing 777-300 ERs into the new 787 Dreamliner - an airplane with the right size, unique capabilities, and unmatched passenger experience. The interest was shown in a letter written by Vice Chairman, President and CEO of Boeing's Commercial Airlines Ray Conner to Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, according to statement issued by the PM's Office here on Wednesday. Driven by the recent race for Pakistan's aviation market particularly after the launch of the Premier Service on its Independence Day, Boeing has shown keen interest in transforming PIA's operations and help restore its profitability. Boeing has had a long relationship with Pakistan International Airlines, dating back to the 1960s that continues today with the Boeing 777. The Boeing Company President expressed the views that Boeing sees a viable opportunity to convert the PIA's existing 777-300 ERs into the new 787 Dreamliner to fulfil the vision of the Prime Minister for a PIA-branded Premium Service into Europe and the Heart of Asia.

The Boeing President urged the Prime Minister to work with Boeing to complete the substitution process, enabling PIA to operate the most technologically advanced aircraft in the world so that people of Pakistan will become proud to fly with it once again. Boeing is vested in the success of Pakistan International Airlines and assures its fullest support in this regard, Ray Conner reiterated. The Prime Minister has directed the concerned quarters to consider the proposal within the legal framework in vogue. He said the steps taken by the government for uplifting the National Flag Carrier have started yielding benefits as well as immense opportunities for reviving the glory of PIA that used to be one of the best airlines in the world. The offer from the leading companies like Boeing, that has a historic track record, is a testimony of our endeavors in making PIA the best Airlines in the world, the Prime minister observed.