Bogie Restaurant Delights Eid Crowds With Unique Experience, Affordable Treats


Bogie Restaurant delights Eid crowds with unique experience, affordable treats

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 19th Jun, 2024) Amid the Eid festivities, many citizens, along with their families and children, flocked to the newly opened “Bogie” restaurant for recreation. Located at Fort Kuhna Qasim, the Bogie restaurant, which was installed a year ago, only recently opened its doors. It received an overwhelming response during the Eid days. Visitors enjoyed ice cream, drinks, and various other treats.

"It was a unique experience for us," said Muhammad Salman Jandran, who visited the Bogie restaurant with five other family members.

Ayesha, a student from BZU, also shared her thoughts about the Bogie restaurant. She remarked that it was her first visit and that she found the place to be full of recreational activities. She further added that the prices of the food items were reasonable, especially considering the ongoing wave of inflation.