Breaking Stereotypes: 21-year Old Man Gets Married With 40-year Old Divorced-woman


Breaking stereotypes: 21-year old man gets married with 40-year old divorced-woman

Shoaib Ahmed says he has married Zewar by following the path of Sunnah, urging the people to get married and not indulge into stereotypes like age, colour, poverty or richness.

BHAKKAR: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-June 18th, 2021) A 21-year old young man has set an example for many who do not challenge the stereotypes by marrying a 40-year old divorced woman in Bkhakar area.

In Pakistan, people usually do not get married with the divorced women or women of their double age.

Shoaib Ahmed, a resident of a village in Kaloorkot Tehseel, district Bhakkar, has decided to marry Zewar bibi, with the passion of following the path of Sunnat-e-Nabvi [SAW].

“I became her strength.

I married her because of Sunnat-e-Nabvi,” says Shoaib Ahmed while talking to UrduPoint.

“My family initially asked me not to marry her because of age factor. But I told my family that I want to become caretaker of this helpless woman,” he further says.

“Initially, Zewar was much shy as she came to know about my proposal but she married me and now we are living happily,” he adds.

It may be mentioned here that Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) married Ummul Momenein Hazrat Sayyeda Khadija (R.A) when he was 25-year old and she was 40.