BSEK Plans Strict Systematic, Administrative Checks On Cheating:

BSEK plans strict systematic, administrative checks on cheating:

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 02nd Jan, 2017 ) : Board of Secondary Education Karachi has planned many corrective steps to effectively control the use of unfair means at examination centres.

Chairman BSEK, Professor Dr. Saeed-ud-din, in an interview with APP here said the board authorities were definitely alive and concerned about weaknesses in the examination system. Better arrangements were needed to be made by the board, the city administration and also Sindh Education department.

He said among various corrective measures, BSEK in coordination with Sindh Education department will hold a series of seminars and workshops from the next month to train the people involved that how to make question papers and how to assess the answer sheets in the best possible manner so that the talented and hardworking students and teachers are encouraged, and cheaters and their facilitators are discouraged.

"Type of questions papers can play an important role in containing use of unfair means," he emphasized. BSEK Chairman admitted that he had received information that most of the private school owners used to campaign and got listed their schools as examination centres to allegedly facilitate cheating.

Most of these schools are almost covered with residences, which makes it very difficult to keep vigilance and control cheating being done through different methods. During past examinations, there were also reports of special rooms at many examinations centres especially at private schools.

Senior subject teachers were used to be arranged for helping selected groups of students solve their question papers in these special rooms. He assured that the board would strictly implement its policy that government schools would be used as examination centres.

In case of non-availability, the private schools at isolated points or at least not closely surrounded with residencies would be selected for this very sensitive and important task to ensure proper monitoring by the board officials and law enforcing agencies.

He also informed that the board has planned to provide furniture and other logistics to government schools, wherever required for holding examinations in better environment. In the light of reports during last examinations, he said very effective checks including jammers would be applied to stop the use of mobile phones especially smart ones for cheating in examinations.

Professor Dr Saeed-ud-din said logistic and manpower support was needed from Sindh Education and Home departments to better control cheating practices inside and from outside the examination centres.He would also make his best efforts to control slipping of question papers outside examination centres before or during examination hours.

About the post examination malpractices, he said policy and structural changes would be made to block access to examiners/teachers assessing the answer sheets, and the board officials by students and their relatives or agents for tempering with the results.

One of the important steps would be setting up two centres within the board premises for checking /marking answer sheets for the science group subjects. There would be very competent teachers with very good repute.

For general group subjects, he continued, the answer sheets would be handed over to highly qualified and honest teachers to ensure fare marking. For ensuring that answer sheets go in the rights hands, the board was making lists of such teachers after verification by Heads of their institutions and teachers' associations.

He revealed that in near future the board would launch e-marking system to minimize human contact with the examiners by the students or their facilitators. "E-marking is the solution," he remarked.

Hence, it is to be noted that there were reports and footages appearing in print and electronic media that officials of law enforcing agencies and of City or District administration were seen involved in facilitating students in cheating in Karachi.

The higher government authorities should take serious note of this dirty game and save the education system of Sindh from further destruction. Chairman of Board of Secondary Education Karachi urged that like in the past the subject teachers should come up with their own notes or at least put certain footnotes onto the ready made notes available at book shops etc.

It is mentioned that the students are asked by their teachers to purchase these notes and prepare for the examinations. This also benefits the students involved in cheating. Hence, it becomes very difficult to identify /asses whether a student solved his question papers by dint of learning/ hardwork or by just chhapa "cheating word by word" when there is uniformity with the notes being used by a large number of students of Karachi city.

This practice/system does not show individual efforts of the teaches or students. On this occasion, Chairman BSEK told that he had decided to mention date of birth of the students in their ninth class marks sheets so that they might not be disturbed and be in trouble after getting their matriculation certificates carrying mistakes in date of birth.

The board's history showed many cases of correction in date of birth and this becomes troublesome on both the sides. About scrutiny of papers, Professor Dr. Saeed-ud-din assured that the answer sheets are dully screened by a committee of Head Examiners at the Board Office before coming to the Controller of Examinations for further review.

"I myself check at random the answer sheets under scrutiny," he re-assured to the students and their parents.