CDA Auctioned 24 Commercial Plots Worth Rs 37.945 Bln

CDA auctioned 24 commercial plots worth Rs 37.945 bln

ISLAMABAD, Aug 5 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 5th Aug, 2021 ) :Capital Development Authority (CDA) has auctioned 24 commercial plots worth Rs 37.945 billion in a two-day open auction.

The auction was overseen by an auction committee headed by a CDA member of finance. Chairman CDA appreciated the effective steps taken by the auction committee, transparency and successful public auction.

It should be noted that on both the days of the auction, 24 commercial plots of different developed sectors of Islamabad were auctioned for Rs. 37.945 billion.

In addition, the CDA administration said that the amount received from the auction will be used to further accelerate the city's development activities, especially the long-stalled development activities will be completed on a priority basis.