Child Shot Dead By Police Bullets In Karachi, Claim Parents


Child shot dead by police bullets in Karachi, claim parents

Two policemen were arrested on the orders of the DIG as the incident happened on Karachi’s University Road

LAHORE- (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News- 17th April 2019) One-year-old child was shot dead on University Road Karachi, according to media reports.

The parents of the victims claimed that their kid was killed by a bullet fired by the police cops.

The family said that they were on their way to home at rickshaw when they saw pistols in hands of policemen who were at motorbike and were engaged in firing exchange with another bike.

The bullet from the policemen pistols killed the kid, they claimed. The baby name was Ahsan, according to media reports.

The two policemen were arrested on the order of the DIG Aamir Farooqui.

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