Citizens' Physical, Economic Security: Moeed


Citizens' physical, economic security: Moeed

Dr. Moeed Yusuf said that economic security carries the core status in the policy.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Jan 20th, 2022) National Security Advisor Dr. Moeed Yusuf says the goal of Pakistan's National Security Policy is to ensure physical and economic security of citizens by enhancing financial resources.

Dr. Moeed Yusuf said that economic security carries the core status in the policy.

He expressed these words during an exclusive interview to the state radio about recently launched Pakistan's first ever National Security Policy.

The National Security Advisor said until we have economic security, we will not have sufficient funds either for defence or human welfare. For the purpose, national resource pie will have to be increased.

He said we have been facing the issue of external imbalance that makes governments go to IMF for loan programmes. This may affect economic sovereignty and foreign policy as well. He stressed on addressing this external imbalance through the tools of policy.

Defining the concept of national security, he said we have used the term comprehensive national security. He said the concept of national security does not merely confine to war weapons or defence, but its scope has been broadened in the world. He said the National Security Policy provides an umbrella document about the country's direction.

Responding to a question about foreign policy priorities in the document, the National Security Advisor said peace in the region and beyond is the Primary objective. However, he said, national security interests will not be compromised and there will also be no compromise on Kashmir issue. He said if better sense prevails in India and some space is created, the region will move forward.

He said we have been making efforts for stability in Afghanistan that will further strengthen economic paradigm. The Advisor said the second most important priority of foreign policy is economic diplomacy.

Regarding defence sector, he said we have to focus more on hybrid warfare.

Answering a question about Human Security, the Advisor said it includes management of overpopulation and migration to cities, health security, food security, climate, water stress and gender mainstreaming.

The National Security Advisor also underlined the need for national cohesion for national security. He said internal divisions and lack of consensus on the issues like economy and national security would obviously be exploited by external inimical forces. He stressed for overcoming the faultlines within. He said we are a diverse country in respect of culture, language and ethnicity. This diversity needs to be made a source of strength to foil the tactics of external forces.

Responding to a question about the policy formulation process, the National Security Advisor said the Federal government's policy process has been followed. He said all the federal government ministries and provinces were involved in the process.

To a question about its implementation, Moeed Yusuf said the National Security Committee will oversee its implementation. He said the policy will be reviewed every year to incorporate latest developments in it. He said every new government will also review it to have its ownership and ensure its implementation.