Climate Activists Demand Climate Change Inclusion In SNC

Climate activists demand Climate Change inclusion in SNC

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 24th Sep, 2021 ) :The Climate activists on Friday demanded the incumbent government to ensure inclusion of climate change as a subject in the Single National Curriculum (SNC) and ensure rigorous implementation of climate change policies for clean and green environment.

The climate activists hailing from Friday for the Future Pakistan and Impact and Youth Climate Activists staged Climate Strike as part of the global protests held all over the world under the theme Uproot the System.

Speaking on the occasion, President, Friday For the Future, Rida Rashid said the world in general and Pakistan in particular was under going serious climate crisis due to increased carbon emissions driving environmental degradation.

Ms Rashid added that as per Carbon Disclosure Project, 100 companies from 1988 till 2015 were responsible for emitting 71 percent of the total green house gas emissions (GHGs).

"These firms running over fossil fuels are rapidly damaging the environment leading to environmental pollution and natural calamities which should be taken to task for committing serious crimes against humanity," she maintained.

She appreciated the government's Ten Billion Tree Tsunami plantation project and said that there was more room for ensuring conservation and green development in other sectors as well.

Hamza, climate youth activist said that the existing environmental policies needed genuine implementation on ground including the ban imposed on plastic bags which was being flouted in the Federal capital.

"There should be a complete investigation for any violation reported of any environmental law and the culprit should be taken given strict punishment," he added.

As per Pakistan's nationally determined contributions (NDCs) submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) it was estimated to have increase in its GHG emissions that should be curtailed through massive shift towards renewable energy solutions, Hamza demanded.

Razan Ahmed, climate youth activist said that global warming was seriously impacting ecology and human life that was causing surge in dengue disease in the federal capital and also locusts attacks that caused Rs one billion economic losses to the farmers.

Ameera from Impact and Youth Climate Activists demanded that the government should ensure transparency and monitoring of GHG releases from the fossil fuel based corporate sector as its tracking to help find solutions to increasing global environmental degradation.

She underscored that climate change was unevenly impacting human beings as women were 80 percent more affected during climate induced crisis, disasters and displacement followed by children. "The 26th UNFCCC conference of parties (COP-26) meeting is going to be held in Glasgow where the government of Pakistan should demand climate finance to cope with climate change as it is among the least contributor to global GHG emissions," she added.

After the media briefing the protesters demonstrated a die-in and chanted slogans outside the National Press Club with play cards demanding the government to ensure climate justice.