Commissioner Reviews Arrangements To Deal With Potential Heavy Rains, Flooding

Commissioner reviews arrangements to deal with potential heavy rains, flooding

HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Jun, 2019 ) :The officers of the Irrigation Department and Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority have assured the Commissioner Hyderabad that all dykes of Indus River remained intact and all vulnerable points have been strengthened in order to meet challenges of expected heavy rains and floods.

They held out such assurance to Commissioner Hyderabad Muhammad Abbas Baloch during a briefing at a meeting held here on Friday to review the arrangements for disaster management during potential heavy rains and floods during monsoon season.

The Commissioner was informed that heights of dykes of Indus River have been raised to six feet with strengthening of all vulnerable points through sand filling, stone pitching and construction of T-spurs.

Besides, de-silting of canals, branches and distributaries has also been carried out with strengthening of embankments, they said and apprised the Commissioner for providing Police support at the check points in order to take action against those who are habitual of making cuts at the embankments during heavy rains in order to protect their agriculture fields.

The Support of the Police and administration is also required for removal of encroachment along the dykes of river, they said and added process of setting up control room, check points, deployment of required machinery and storage of stones has already been completed before time.

The Commissioner expressed his satisfaction over the arrangements however he pointed out that due to climate changes, super floods are expected during the current year therefore effective contingency arrangements were required during passage of floods.

He said that all government departments should realize their responsibilities and make prior arrangements to meeting challenges of expected heavy rains and floods during current monsoon season.

He directed the officers of local government and public health engineering departments to improve the drainage systems of their respective jurisdictions and de-silting of drain lines and removal of encroachments. The availability of standby generators should also be ensured so that in case of load shedding or technical faults timely disposal of rainwater could be carried out during expected submerging of low lying areas.

He also directed the officers of health department to declare emergency in hospitals and basic health units with cancellation of leave of doctors and paramedical staff during expected heavy rainfalls. The availability of sufficient quantity of life saving drugs as well as vaccination against rabies and snake biting should also be ensured in the hospitals and BHUs, he said and added anti-malaria spray should also be carried out during the rains.

The Commissioner also directed the officers of education department to submit the list of schools with the concerned administration so that relief camps could be established in case of emergency during rains.

He also directed the management of HESCO to remain in fields and ensure the restoration of electricity as well installation of poles and laying of wires in case of emergency.

He also emphasized the need of instituting a committee comprising officers and all concerned departments so that effective coordination could be ensured during emergency. The officers of concerned departments should remain in contacts with PDMA, Met Department and district administration in order to avert losses of life and property during expected heavy rains and floods, he added.

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