Construction Of Aladin Park And Pavilion End Club Is Not Illegal, All Documents And Evidence Are Available, Management Of AA Joyland.

Construction of Aladin Park and Pavilion end Club is not illegal, all documents and evidence are available, Management of AA Joyland.

Thousands of Karachi families have been deprived of their livelihood, the decision to demolish should be reconsidered, Management of AA Joyland.

KARACHI (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 24th April, 2021) The management of AA Joyland has said in a statement that KMC on June 14 used bulldozers on the property to demolish the 25-year-old Aladin Park and Pavilion end Club on court orders. The administration, on a few hours' notice, ordered the evacuation of the 25-year-old park, which left thousands of people unemployed.
Aladin Park and Pavilion end Club on Rashid Minhas road has been a source of entertainment for the people of Karachi for the last 25 years. The 52-acre land was leased to an amusement park, At that time, the land was just empty ground. AA Joyland worked day and night to turn it into a full-fledged recreation area where citizens could spend happy moments with their families. But since the June 14 court ruling, Aladin Park and the Pavilion end Club have been reduced to rubble.

Billions of rupees were squandered after the court order. The employment of more than 1000 people got affected by the demolition of Aladin Park and Pavilion End Club. 169 AAJ employees, and approximately 676 of their family members, 450 contractor employees, and 1800 of their family members, 50 to 60 Daily wagers & 240 their family members, 27 Trainees/ Internees, 315 Shopkeepers, and approx. 1260 of their family members, shopkeepers support staff 700 and more than 2800 of their family members are affected.

The management of AA said that the construction of Aladin Park and Pavilion end Club is not illegal. The administration has all the legal documents in this regard, the administration says the decision to demolish should be reconsidered.