DC Takes Notice Of Desecration Of Graves In Sann, Directs Police To Investigate Matter

DC takes notice of desecration of graves in Sann, directs police to investigate matter

HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 24th Sep, 2021 ) :The Deputy Commissioner Jamshoro district Capt (R) Farid ud din Mustafa has taken notice of alleged desecration of decades old graves of Mallah community by a grandson of iconic Sindhi nationalist leader G M Syed in Sann, a rural town in Jamshoro.

He informed on Friday that the police had been directed to investigate the matter and lodge FIR against the people who influenced the move and those involved in digging out the dead bodies and later burying them allegedly in a mass grave.

The DC observed that the law did not permit even the family members of a deceased person to dig out their dead body and shift it elsewhere.

He added that only a court of law would allow disinterring a body.

According to the local people of Sann, 13 dead bodies of men, women and children were dug out from Haider Sanai graveyard.

The bodies were buried close to the grave of GM Syed and his other family members.