Dense Fog Disrupts Train Schedule

Dense fog disrupts train schedule

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 17th Jan, 2021 ) :Dense fog disrupted trains schedule as several trains reached at its destinations late, causing difficulties for rail passengers.

According to train status given by the railways online on Sunday, 1-Up Khyber Mail was late for 3:15 hours, 5-Up Greenline was 4:25 hours late, 7-Up Tezgam 3:00 hrs, 9-Up Allama Iqbal Express 4:00 hrs, 11-Up Hazara Express 3:45 hours, 13-Up Awam Express 6:15 hrs,15-Up Karachi Express 7:40 hrs, 17-Up Millat Express 5:00 hrs, 25-Up Bahauddin Zikrya Express 3:00 hrs, 27-Up Shalimar Express 1:15 hrs, 33-Up Pak business Express 5:00 hrs, 35-Up Sir Syed Express 3:40 hrs, 37-Up Fareed Express 1:40 hrs, 39-Up Jaffer Express 4:10 hrs, 43-Up Shah Hussain Express 6:45 hrs, 45-Up Pakistan Express 4:30 hrs and 47-Up Rehman Baba Express was 7:15 hours late.

Whereas, 2-Dn Khyber Mail was 1:15 hours late, 6-Dn Greenline 5:14 hrs, 12-Dn Hazara Express 2:45 hrs, 14-Dn Awam Express 6:15 hrs, 16-Dn Karachi Express 7:00 hrs, 18-Dn Millat Express 3:42 hrs, 28-Dn Shalimar Express 1:00 hrs,34-Dn Pak Business Express 7:15 hrs, 36-Dn Sir Sayyad Express 2:20 hrs and 44-Dn Shah Hussain Express 7:45 hrs, 48-Dn Rehman Baba Express 6:45 hours and 112-Dn Badar Express was 45 minutes late.

According to the PR spokesperson, the railway administration was trying its level best to improve the trains schedule.