Deptts Ensures Monitoring Of Animals Markets

Deptts ensures monitoring of animals markets

SARGODHA, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -5th Sep,2016) : The district government and livestock departments are ensuring strict surveillance of all animal markets set up around the city for the convenience of people.

The livestock department was ensuring monitoring at all entry and exit points including animals markets, the officials said. Foolproof security arrangements on Eidul Azha at Eid Gahs, worship places, Mosques and Imam bargahs will be ensured in the district by installing CCTV cameras, deputing lady police squads, walk through gates, ensuring complete sweep security at Eidgahs, the District Police Officer said.

It has also been directed to district administration to activate inter-religious committees, to improve the health facilities and make sure the ban on collecting animal hides without getting permission from the authorities concerned.

The TMA spokesman said that action was being taken by taking into custody of animals selling out of allocated points where proper medication was being made possible for all animals due to Congo virus threat.