Diabetes Higher In Urban Population Than Rural People: Prof Khadija

Diabetes higher in urban population than rural people: Prof Khadija

LAHORE, Jan 3 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 03rd Jan, 2017 ) : Head of Diabetes Management Centre of Services Hospital, Prof Khadija Irfan Khawaja has said that the incidence of diabetes among the urban population is higher than the rural people.

Prof Khadija in an exclusive talk with APP here said that in 2000 Pakistan was ranked sixth in the world with 5.2 million diabetic patients, and is deemed to become fifth in 2030 with 13.9 million diabetics.

This sharp spread of diabetes in the country needs immediate measures including awareness raising among the public about factors causing this ailment, she said. She said that there are two types of diabetes: one is called type I,in which children and young people often become its victim,while the other is type II,which is caused by obesity in aged people.

About the reasons causing diabetes among women,she said that mostly women had no opportunity to walk and exercise and they often stay indoors which makes them diabetic. She highlighted that diabetes has been increasing in urban population by the ratio of 10 percent,while its incidence in rural people is comparatively less.

She suggested that at least 30 minutes exercise daily was must to keep diabetes away or in control.

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