DPCC Re-fixes Rates Of Commodities

DPCC re-fixes rates of commodities

FAISALABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 21st Nov, 2021 ) :District Price Control Committee (DPCC) has re-fixed wholesale and retail prices of various daily use commodities.

Chairing the DPCC meeting, Deputy Commissioner Ali Shehzad said that price of besan (gram powder) was reduced up to Rs.3 and now it would be sold at Rs.122 per kg in wholesale and at Rs.128 per kg in retail.

Similarly, gram white (big) will be sold at Rs 175 per kg and Rs 182 per kg, white gram (small) at Rs.155 and Rs 161 per kg, black gram (big) at Rs 116 and Rs 122 per kg, black gram (small) at Rs 111 and Rs 116 per kg, gram pulses (big) at Rs 121 and Rs 127 per kg, gram pulses (small) at Rs 116 and Rs 122 per kg, Maash pulses (imported, washed) at Rs 229 and Rs 236 per kg, Maash pulses (imported unwashed) at Rs 211 and Rs 218 per kg, lentil pulses (big) at Rs 167 and Rs 173 per kg, lentil pulses (small) at Rs 182 and 188 per kg, rice super basmati (old) at Rs 128 and Rs 134 per kg, rice ari at Rs 55 per kg, milk at Rs 95 per kg, yoghurt at Rs 100 per kg, meat at Rs 950, beef at Rs.

450 per kg, Roti (100 gram weight) at Rs. 7.

The prices of fruits and vegetables will be issued on daily basis after auction whereas the prices of poultry products will be provided by the Livestock Poultry Association to the Secretary Market Committee at 7 a.m. daily, he added.

Deputy Commissioner said that price control magistrates were active to ensure price mechanism and strict action would be taken against overcharging and profiteering.

He also asked the consumers to get their complaints registered through toll free number 080002345 if they found profiteering at any shop. Their complaints would be resolved quickly, he concluded.

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