ECP Issues Code Of Conduct For PS Shikarpur By Election


ECP issues code of conduct for PS Shikarpur by election

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -6th Sept,2016) : The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Tuesday issued code of conduct for political parties and candidates contesting the bye election in PS-11 (Shikarpur-I) Old Shikarpur-III).

According to ECP spokesman, the ECP directed Federal executive authorities, province to avoid using state resources to influence the elections in favour of a particular candidate or a political party.

The code of conduct clearly bars prime minister, chief minister, federal ministers, state ministers, advisors to the president and prime minister, provincial ministers, advisors to the chief minister, members of the National and Provincial Assemblies or any persons on their behalf to avoid visiting the constituency or a polling station after the issuance of schedule of bye election till completion of poll, he added.

"If any person in government service misuses his official position in any manner, he will be liable to be proceeded as per law." "No transfers/postings of the civil servants shall be made after the issuance of the schedule without prior approval of the Election Commission till the publication of election results," the ECP's spokesman said.

car rallies are not allowed to travel long distance except if they have pre-arranged corner meetings at specific designated places. These meetings shall be notified to the ordinary public by local administration, he added.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) instructed the candidates to open their bank accounts for election expenses on or before scrutiny of nomination papers.

Each contesting candidate is ordered to open an account with a scheduled bank before the 4th of next month and deposit the amount not exceeding to one million rupees for Provincial Assembly constituency to meet the election expenses.

The Commission has strictly ordered that all concerned are required to follow the directives in letter and spirit and any violation in this regard would be dealt with in accordance with the relevant provisions of the constitution and law.

None of the contesting candidates will exceed the limit of election expenses during the election campaign and all election expenditures will be made out of the amount deposited in the same account.

No transaction towards the election expenses could be made through an account other than the account opened for this purpose. The candidates are directed that all transactions relating to the election expenses shall be entered with GST registered firms.

It is also directed that each contesting candidate will submit to the District Returning Officer on every Thursday of the campaign period, a statement of election expenses made by him during the preceding week. The political parties have been directed to affix posters sized 2feet x 3feet, hoardings of 3feet x 5feet, banners of 3feet x 9feet and leaflets sized 9inches x 6 inches.