Experts Advise Clean Cotton Picking For Premium Price

Experts advise clean cotton picking for premium price

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 31th August, 2016) : Agriculture experts have underlined the need for removal of weeds from cotton fields to overcome post-rain hazards and urged farmers to opt for picking clean cotton to attract premium price. In a statement issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department here on Wednesday, experts said that recent monsoon rains triggered growth of weeds which must be removed from the field to preserve the quality of the crop. Assistant director agriculture information Naveed Asmat Kahlon also laid stress on picking clean cotton to enable farmers get good price from the market. He said that picking of early sown cotton be conducted in short intervals so that rain affected fibre can be sold out separately. Director Cotton Punjab Dr Sagheer Ahmad said that record cotton production is expected this year despite reduction in cotton sown area but farmers need to be extra cautious to make it happen. Kahlon said, farmers should begin picking cotton when over 50 per cent of the cotton bolls are open and Phutti affected by rain or pests or obtained in the last picking should be sold separately adding that picking of cotton usually begins with the commencement of autumn and continues till beginning of winter.

He said that cotton picking should begin at around 10 am in the morning when its moisture level is lowest and picking should begin from bottom of the plant and no alien particle should be allowed to contaminate it. He said that the picked cotton should be kept at a clean cotton cloth and then stored at a dry and clean place and picking be repeated after an interval of at least 15-20 days to obtain mature fibre as the cotton picked from unripe boll yields low price. The cotton then be packed in clean and big bags of cotton cloth for transportation.

Female cotton pickers be advised to keep their heads covered to avoid chances of mixing of hair in cotton fibre and they should also keep dry parts of plants, plastic pieces, cigarette butts, wrappers of candies away from cotton.