Federal Capital Facing Climate Change Impacts: Study

Federal capital facing climate change impacts: Study

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Augst,2016) :The Federal Capital and its surrounding areas are facing climate change impacts including the intensity, frequency and variability of temperature, precipitation, floods, droughts and cyclones.

The findings of a study titled "Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment of Islamabad" has revealed that the extreme weather events recorded so far in Islamabad include highest maximum temperature of 46.6ø C on June 24 2005 and lowest at- 4.3ø C on December 25 1984 while in 2001 heaviest rainfall of 621mm was recorded. The study was conducted by Ministry of Climate Change in collaboration with UN Habitat, Capital Development Authority (CDA) and ICT Administration. To counter the impact of the climate change, the study recommended immediate need for climate-smart planning by the city authorities. Solid waste management in urban, rural areas, waste water management in rural areas, bio-engineering for recycle and re-use of grey water for enhancing climate change resilience in urban areas also recommendation of the study.

It also advised rainwater harvesting, ecosystem management, study of carbon sequestration in Margalla Hills National Park, energy conservation of buildings, tube-wells and in industrial sector. It also suggested, energy conservation in its transmission system, transport sector, streamlined planning at the federal, district and local levels, certification, registration of real- estate developers, enforcement of building codes, supporting the development of public-private partnerships, eco-system based adaptation, management for Islamabad, reducing pollution from brick kilns, adaptation in healthcare and flood protection. Awareness raising for climate change impacts through educational institutions and other stakeholders is also stressed in the study.