Female Teachers Faces Denial Of Due Right To HTS

Female teachers faces denial of due right to HTS

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 12th May, 2021 ) :12 female teachers of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Colleges facing denial of their due Higher Time Scale (HTS) for the last over eight years are running from pillar to post to get their due right.

According to an official source, Ms.Sadia Rehman lecturer of Federal Government Home Economics College F-7/2, Ms. Mansoora Abbas Ms.Ruqqaya Sheikh, Ms.Zarqa Jahanzeb, Ms.Nourin Nisa, Ms.Rizwana Habib Kiyani, Ms.Shahida Nasreen, Ms.Aliya Bibi and Ms.Sobia Mazhar Assistant Professors of Islamabad College for Girls F-6/2 were granted HTS in 2014 with effect from January 2013 subject to provision of ACR but their case could not be actualized after the expiry of eight years due to bureaucratic errors.

The required ACRs were provided but no revised notification was issued.

Later on, the teachers filed representations with the Federal Directorate of education (FDE) and requested many times for the issuing of revised HTS notification.

Instead of revising the notification of 2014, and granting them the benefit of HTS from 2013 FDE issued a new notification and the teachers were astonished to see that they had once again been granted HTS with effect from March, 2021 instead of 2013.

It seems illogical that they have been granted HTS of the same grade twice.

The exercise to revise the notification seems to be muddled in confusion over eligibility date.

Meanwhile, Mansoora Abbas and Zarqa got regular promotion as Associate Professor (BPS-19) in 2019 and missed the HTS of BPS-19.

Later on, they got HTS of BPS-20 in 2020.

Ruqqaya, Rizwana, Shahida got regular promotion as Associate Professor (BPS-19) in March 2021 and they did not get the HTS of both BPS-19 and BPS-20.

On the other hand, Ms.Shaban Hassan and Ms.Abbasa Manzoor Assistant Professor of Islamabad Model College for Girls Humak who were granted HTS in 2012 could not get the benefit of HTS due to incorrect date mentioned in their notification.

In response to their appeals, instead of rectifying the eligibility date of these two teachers, they have once again been granted Higher Time Scale of BS-19 but with effect from March, 5 2020 depriving them of the benefits of the previous eight years.

The teachers have been striving for a correction of the date of grant of HTS grant since 2014 but can't seem to achieve it. The HTS of the teachers remained in a limbo.

Tahir Mahmood, a representative of the Federal Government College Teachers Association said that various notifications of HTS issued by the concerned ministry in the years 2020 and 2021 have created numerous anomalies.

All the teachers have been granted time scale identically with the same date instead of their eligibility date.

The case of every teacher is different from others but all teachers (juniors and seniors) were treated with the same yardstick which is not justifiable.

He demanded the authorities to issue the revised notifications, saying that this is their right to get the benefit of HTS with effect from the due date.