Foreign Delegates Admire Generosity, Hospitality Of Pakistani People


Foreign delegates admire generosity, hospitality of Pakistani people

ISLAMABAD, Jan 6 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 06th Jan, 2017 ) : Foreign delegates gathered at the Federal capital to attend 4th international conference on `Language, Literature and Society' admired the love, hospitality and generosity of Pakistani people and urged the writers community to use power of pen for bringing positive reforms in the society.

The four-day conference, arranged by Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL), began on Thursday with participation of writers, intellectuals, scholars and researchers from within the country and abroad and continued successfully on its second day with different sessions.

In an interview with APP, Foreign delegate from Uzbekistan, Tashhmurza said such conferences provides a great platform for the literary persons including writers, poets, intellectuals and researchers to interact and exchange their views and get benefit from each others' experience in the field of literature.

He said earlier such conference was held during the year 1995 by PAL when Fakhar-uz-Zaman was director general of the academy. "This conference is more organized and will create greater impact in future endeavours with its thought provoking theme of language, literature and society", he added.

He urged the authorities in PAL to lay more emphasis on translation of books of Pakistani writers into different languages so that their works can get more recognition in the other countries. He said, "In Uzbekistan, we have translated the works of around 25 Pakistani writers and poets into our languages," he added.

He said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has always given great importance to the fields of literature and culture and taking steps for promotion of these important segments. He appreciated the announcements made during the inauguration ceremony of the conference for the welfare of writers and said,"financial uplift of the writers would boost their energies for work with more dedication and play their role toward betterment of society".

Another delegate from Oman, Saeed Bin Muhammad said, "He is impressed with the generosity of Pakistani people during his first visit to Pakistan's beautiful capital".

He said,"I see Pakistan as a great and secure country with loving and caring people contrary to what the foreign media projects.

We must not listen to the foreign media and believe what we observe". Saeed Bin Muhammad who is representative from `The Oman Society for Writers and Literates' said, "Oman and Pakistan share similarities in social and cultural values and are very close to eachother." He said Oman and Pakistan share history of 3000 BC civilization and is having hundreds of Pakistani people who are serving there in different fields.

He appreciated the speech of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif at the inaugural session and said the speech was very good and promising. "I hope the announcements made for the writers' welfare will be implemented in letter and spirit and benefit the writers community." Another delegate from Turkey, Professor Dr.

Halil Toker said writers and poets can bring reforms in the society through the power of their pen and this conference would prove as a milestone toward promoting the messages of peace, love and harmony in a multi-lingual atmosphere.

Halil Toker, who is head of urdu Department at Intanbul University, Turkey, appreciated the efforts of National History and Literary Heritage Division and PAL for arranging this conference to deliberate over impact of language and literature on society.

The four-day conference was inaugurated by Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and will conclude on Sunday. Around 600 participants are attending different sessions of the conference. Advisor to Prime Minister on National History and Literary Heritage, Irfan Siddiqui will announce different initiatives for the welfare of literary community during the conference on Saturday.

These initiatives will be in line with the decisions of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif mentioned in his address at inauguration ceremony of the conference. APP/sn/aa/asg