GB Wildlife Dept Announces Auction Of Permits For 124 Rare Species Under Trophy Hunting Program

GB Wildlife Dept announces auction of permits for 124 rare species under trophy hunting program

GILGIT, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Nov, 2019 ) :The Gilgit Baltistan Wildlife Department has announced auction of licenses for hunting of 124 rare species including four Markhor under trophy hunting program.

Conservator Parks and Wildlife GB, Mahmood Ghaznavi told media on Friday that season of lawful hunting of birds has started from today and would continue till April 30, 2020.

He said auction of licenses for hunting of rare animals including four Markhor, 20 blue sheep and 100 Himalayan Ibex would be presented on November 19.

He said it was expected that Markhor license would be auctioned on USD 75,000, blue sheep $ 81,000 and Ibex on $ 50,000 for foreigners respectively.

He said 80pc of the generated amount would be distributed among local community and 20pc would be submitted in government kitty.

He said Gilgit-Baltistan was home to many rare species including Marco Polo sheep, ibex, markhor, urial, blue sheep, snow leopard, wild cat, brown and black bears, wolf, fox, chakor, golden eagle for which special programs for their conservation were launched to increase its population.

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