Ghazi Police Arrest Father On Murder Charges


Ghazi police arrest father on murder charges

GHAZI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 23rd Sep, 2020 ) :Ghazi police Wednesday arrested Sardar Shahzad on the murder charges of his four family members after confirmation through a postmortem report.

It was disclosed in the postmortem report that all four people of the family were tortured before death and then killed, the report confirmed the assassination of the mother, two children and a guest girl.

On September 13, Judicial Magistrate Ghazi ordered for the exhumation of four person's body and postpartum on the request of Muhammad Ilyas father of 14 years old girl Horia who along with three others including Nageena Shahzad, Hamdan and Ayan lost their lives in a suspicious fire caused by the electricity short circuit at Wapda Colony Sobra city Ghazi requested Judicial Magistrate and Civil Judge Ghazi for body exhumation.

The father of the ill-fated teenage girl filed a petition requesting for body exhumation on the doubt that all four people including Horia were murdered rather than an accident.

After body exhumation doctors collected the samples and sent them to laboratory for examination on September 17, which later confirmed the cause of death of all four people.

Muhammad Ilyas father of 14 years old girl Horia nominated his brother in law Sardar Shahzad and other unidentified people for the murder of his daughter and three others. The cause of murder is yet to discover.