GIS Technology To Modernize Land Record In Dir Lower


GIS technology to modernize land record in Dir Lower

DIR LOWER, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th Jun, 2024) The district administration is taking concrete measures to put revenue department on modern lines.

As part of efforts, state-of- the-art GIS technology has been introduced and currently this technology is being utilized in Khanpur circle.

According to the revenue department, the project includes Assistant Manager GIS, Kanungo Circle Khanpur, and other representatives of the land revenue department are inspecting on-site plots after the measurement of Mouza Khanpur.

It says that modern technology-based measurement would ensure not only accurate land measurement but also introduces transparency in ownership records.

This initiative is also expected to end disputes through fair distribution of land as it provides complete and accurate information about their land to the people.

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