Govt, Armed Forces On One Page Against Terrorism: Mian Kashif


Govt, armed forces on one page against terrorism: Mian Kashif

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -6th Sept,2016) : Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) Chief Executive Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq on Tuesday said the government, the Armed forces and Nation were on one page with utmost discipline and unwavering faith to defend the geographical frontiers of the country from external aggression and stamp out the menace of terrorism from the motherland.

Addressing a meeting of the corporate sector traders and leading exporters on the occasion of Defence Day of Pakistan, he said the defence of the country was not limited to September 6 alone, rather stretches upon an entire lifetime and encompasses all dimensions of physical and ideological frontiers which all the time need to be guarded with the highest degree of constant vigilance.

However, he said, the commemoration of September 6 revives our spirits and strengthens our determination to defend the country against all kinds of threats and to always be prepared for any sacrifice for its solidarity, integrity and honor.

He said that celebrating this day helps the nation in reinvigorating the spirit of patriotism. "The 1965 war is a glorious chapter in the defence history of Pakistan.

The army set magnificent examples of valour and bravery on every front.

Which, he added, will be remembered forever. The army and the entire nation gave a befitting response to the enemy," he added. He further said our soldiers are our greatest asset as they not only offer their precious lives for fighting in battlefields but also always remain in a state of preparedness to undertake the responsibility of working as a cohesive force in very challenging situation, may it be horrifying earthquakes or the devastating floods.

He said that we must renew the pledge on this day to uphold the integrity, dignity, honour and sovereignty of the country at all costs. Mian Kashif Ashfaq said that entire corporate sector would extend its whole-hearted cooperation with the armed forces to help flush out the terrorists from their hideouts and take to task their facilitators.

He said that better law & order was pre-requisite for strengthening of national economy and promotion of democratic system besides inflow of foreign investors in every sphere of life. Other traders and exporters also spoke on the occasion.