Govt's Efforts Coming To Fruition As Lahore's Water Level Stops Depleting: PM

Govt's efforts coming to fruition as Lahore's water level stops depleting: PM

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th Jun, 2021 ) :Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday said that the government's water conservation policies were showing results as Punjab government had stopped depletion of Lahore's groundwater for the first time during last four decades.

"Our water conservation policies showing results. Usman Buzdar-led Punjab government has stopped fall in Lahore's groundwater for first time since 1980," the prime minister said on Twitter.

He said the depletion of water table had been stopped through effective water recycling policies, new aquifer charges, underground rainwater storage, timed well pumping and other targeted actions.

The prime minister also shared the statistics showing Lahore's minimum water level at 5.7 meters and maximum 15.96 meters in 1980 which fell to 8.18m minimum and 23.33 maximum in 1990 and further to 11.94m and 32m in 2000.

Having further dropped the minimum level to 22.8m and maximum to 48.4m in 2017, the city's water table stopped depleting since 2018 which currently stood at 23m minimum and 50m maximum since last two years.