Haleem Adil Urges Bilawal To Take Action Against Corrupt Ministers

Haleem Adil urges Bilawal to take action against corrupt ministers

Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf leader Haleem Adil Shaikh has urged Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to take action against corrupt ministers of Sindh

KARACHI,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / NNI - 14th March, 2019) Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf leader Haleem Adil Shaikh has urged Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to take action against corrupt ministers of Sindh.The PTI leader said the PPP government has ruined Sindh's financial resources.

He said that some leaders who were worried about their accountability had held a press conference, adding the corrupt elements are getting curses of the masses of Sindh.Addressing a press conference in Sindh Assembly here Thursday, the PTI leader said "I am thankful to the people of Sindh who took an active part in the Difa-Pakistan March of the PTI Sindh and showed that they are ready to play their due role for the defense of the motherland." He said that the corrupt ruling party, PPP, is devouring resources of Sindh like termite.

He said that the people are now thinking how to get rid of the PPP.He said the people of Sindh had not given vote to the PPP, but it had bought votes and loyalties. He said their mandate is the mandate of money.

He said we will take steps so that people of Sindh get relief.Haleem Adil said the PPP government was given Rs5000billion during last 10 years and nobody knows where they were spent. He said according to the auditor general of Pakistan misappropriations of Rs975billion were committed in Sindh during last 10 years.

He said the speech of Bilawal was telecast by the India channels, which shows their friendships. He said yesterday he was speaking pretty good Urdu. He could have spoken in urdu in national assembly also.Haleem Adil said the joint slogans of PPP and PMLN is that they are united under the banner of corruption.

He said both these parties have signed the charter of corruption. He said Names of many people are being surfaced in connection to the JIT of Uzair Baloch. He said people in Sindh want a change.

He said in Sindh assembly there is a civilian dictatorship. He said speaker Agha Siraj should think that if he was being punished due to the cruses of masses.Haleem Adil said that we have brought the case of 60million people of Sindh in Sindh assembly.

He said 90 percent people of Sindh are being supplied gutter mixed water. He said never before in the history of assembly the mike of the leader of opposition was switched off. He said yesterday some leaders, perturbed due to the curses of people of Sindh, had held a press conference.

He said the rulers of Sindh are in trouble because of these curses. He said in 95percent hospitals of Sindh there is no facility of ventilators.Separately, PPP Sindh leader and previous ticket holder Muhinder Dev Lakhani joined the PTI.

He is the son of Presidential award holder Dr Harchand Rai. He announced joining the PTI after meeting with Haleem Adil Sheikh. PTI leaders Khawand Bux Jhejijo, Agha Habibullah and others were also present.Haleem Adil congratulated Muhinder Dev Lakhani on joining the PTI.

He said the journey of change has already been started in Sindh. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan would visit Sindh this month. He said the PPP's manifesto is we will not work and also not let other people to work. He said the Federal government believes in mitigating the suffering of people of Sindh. NNI

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