Hazrat Ali (a.s) Birthday To Be Celebrated On Friday

Hazrat Ali (a.s) birthday to be celebrated on Friday

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th Feb, 2021 ) :Birthday of the fourth caliph of the Muslim Ummah, cousin and son-in -law of the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh), Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s) will be celebrated here today (Friday) with religious zeal and fervour.

MD Waste Management Company (WMC) Fakhar ul islam ordered special cleanliness arrangements across the city following the auspicious occasion.

All grand mosques including imambargahs of the city are cleaned off, with few of them decorated to organise religious ceremonies on birthday occasion of the great Imam (a.s).

Qasim Bella, Surij Miani, Mumtazabad and Gulghast colony came under special forces by the district government where multiple ceremonies are scheduled to be held to learn about great sacrifices and contributions of Hazrat Ali (a.

s) for survival of the religion Islam.

He was born on the thirteenth day in the Islamic month of Rajab in 599 AD. However, as per another record, he was born in the year 601. Nonetheless, the date of his birth anniversary varies every year as per the Gregorian Calendar. And hence, this year, it is observed today (Feb 26).

He ruled the Caliphate from 656 to 661 until his assassination while offering prayers at the Great Mosque of Kufa on 21st of Ramzan.

Muslims offer prayers, attend get-togethers, praise Ali for his selfless contributions and even organise a feast on birthday of the victor of renowned Khyber battle.