HEC Introduces Institutional Performance Evaluation Review To Strengthen Universities Performance

HEC introduces institutional performance evaluation review to strengthen universities performance

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th Jan, 2019 ) :Higher Education Commission (HEC) has introduced Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) review with an objective to strengthen and regulate performance of teaching departments and administrative sections in universities.

The other aim is to enhance quality of learning, research, etc. through identification of strengths and weaknesses and recommending suitable steps for improvements.

The Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) review against 11 standards is regular activity of HEC and under this programme, more than 30 universities are annually reviewed.

Official sources on Sunday said universities were autonomous bodies governed under their laws (Act/Ordinance), legal instruments (Statutes, Rules and Regulations) and Statutory Bodies (Senate, Syndicate, board of Governors and Finance and Planning Committees etc.) Annual Regular/Performance Audit of universities/Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) is undertaken by Auditor General of Pakistan to safeguard public interest and curb corrupt practices in these institutions.

Moreover, to improve and promote good governance in universities, HEC has also introduced different instruments which ensure implementation of best practices in administrative, academic and research affairs of a university and Degree Awarding Institutions (DAIs).

These included standards, policies and operating procedures vis-a-vis administrative, financial, academic and research affairs for strict compliance/adherence by all public and private universities/DAIs.

Similarly, on direction of the prime minister, governance and quality review of 171 universities has been undertaken by HEC in 2017-18. For the purpose, teams were sent to 171 public and private sector universities and implementation of HEC polices related to governance and quality assurance against set parameters was reviewed.

As an outcome of the activity, review reports were shared with universities with advice to take remedial actions for addressing highlighted parameters and improving overall quality of education, research and governance systems.

The sources said HEC also ensured implementation of its policies and compliance of university law through its effective representation on Statutory Bodies of Universities/DAIs such as Senate, Syndicate, BOGs, Academic Council and Finance and Planning Committee meetings.

The sources said to bring improvement in Financial Management, Reporting and Internal Control Systems in public universities/DAIs, HEC in consultation with Ministry of Finance has devised key recommendations and communicated to universities for strict compliance.

These recommendations relate to, review of existing financial management and internal control systems,composition and constitution of Finance and Planning Committee, management of pension liability, calibratefinancial reporting to governing bodies, fund raising and rationalizing existing human resource.

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