Home Department For Implementing Punjab Prison Reforms Agenda


Home Department for implementing Punjab prison reforms agenda

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th Jun, 2024) According to the vision of the chief minister Punjab, the Home Department is implementing the Punjab Prison Reforms Agenda.

According to the spokesperson of the Punjab Home Department, a major issue of the prisoners going to appear in the courts from the jails has been resolved. Now lunch boxes and cold water bottles are being provided to all prisoners from across Punjab before leaving for court. The captives can eat lunch comfortably during their stay in Bakshi Khana.

According to the spokesman, food and cold drinking water are being given to approximately 7,000 prisoners in all 43 jails of Punjab every day while going to court. He said that the prisoner welfare programme had received great acceptance and appreciation from the prisoners and their families as well as human rights organizations and welfare institutions.

The spokesman said that the installation of small flour mills for supply of quality flour in jails across Punjab had also been approved. Tractors and other agricultural implements have been provided in the jails which are helping in turning Jail lands cultivable. As a result, fresh vegetables and wheat are being grown in the jail for fulfilling the food requirements of the prisoners. The spokesman said that the Home Department was paying special attention to the welfare of Punjab jail employees and prisoners.