Husband Kills Wife On Property

Husband kills wife on property

VEHARI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 9th August, 2016) : A man alongwith his father, mother and two sisters allegedly killed his wife over land dispute in the limits of Thana Karampur here Tuesday morning. The brother of slain woman, Muhammad Iqbal told police that his brother in law Muhammad accused Shabir was demanding 18 acre land from his wife Fouzia Bibi.

She had inherited the land from her father.

This issue led to serious quarrel between husband and wife since long. Police said accused Muhammad Shabir in connivance with his father Muhammad Ramzan,mother Nooran Bibi and sisters Faiz Mai and Khalida Mai killed his wife Fouzia Bibi. He fled the scene later. Police Thana Karampur took the body into its custody before starting investigation.