ICTP Building Trust, Ensuring Safety 60 Days Of Unstoppable Reforms


ICTP building trust, ensuring safety 60 days of unstoppable reforms

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 23rd Jun, 2024) Upon assuming office, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi introduced several reforms aimed at eradicating criminal elements in the Federal capital, resulting in a noticeable decline in crime index.

In addition, measures were taken to ensure city security, facilitate citizens, and improve the welfare of police officers, thereby enhancing police-public relations and boosting police morale, a public relations officer said on Sunday.

Among these reforms, IG Islamabad Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi ordered the operation of Police Khidmat Markaz 24/7 to provide comprehensive services to citizens.

He also launched a police mobile service van to offer all services at citizens' doorsteps and inaugurated a Traffic Police service and education van to facilitate senior citizens and students, allowing them to obtain learner permits and other services conveniently at their residences and educational institutions.

In order to ensure the safety of tourists and local citizens visiting Islamabad's Margalla Hills and adjacent trails, a specialized Margalla Trails Patrol was launched to ensure the protection of lives and property and provide timely assistance.

IG Islamabad reorganized the Dolphin Squad Islamabad and deployed young police officers in the Dolphin Emergency Response Unit to control street crime and effectively arrest the accused. Moreover, departmental training for these officers was initiated at Police Lines to enhance patrolling efficiency.

In order to professionally curb crime and ensure the elimination of criminals, IG Islamabad appointed night patrolling officers in the federal capital, alongside young police officers, to ensure the eradication of crime in the city. A

An online Virtual Women Police Station and a dedicated helpline, 1815, were established to address violence against women and children, domestic abuse, and protect vulnerable segments of society.

This initiative allows victims to access legal information, file complaints, and receive consultations, aiming to assist victims of gender-based crimes and others to the fullest extent. The helpline 1815 operates 24/7, ensuring help is always just a phone call away for those in distress.

For citizens facing vehicle or motorcycle breakdowns while traveling on Islamabad's roads, the ITP "Mechanic on Wheel" service was launched with a 24/7 helpline "1915" to assist with travel-related difficulties.

To bring innovation and ensure the use of new techniques in Islamabad Police, IG Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi introduced an e-license system, allowing citizens to apply online for e-licenses and easily obtain them from home.

To promptly address citizens' issues and ensure their swift resolution, IG Islamabad organized an online Khuli Kachehri and directed all officers to hold Khuli Kachehri to promote friendly policing and reduce the gap between the police and the public. The IG Complaints Cell 1715 was further activated to ensure timely assistance for citizens.

Additionally, to provide all possible facilities to the families of martyrs and ensure their welfare, all officers were made guardians of martyr families to address their issues promptly. To ensure the welfare of police officers' families, the process of hiring children of deceased police officers and those who died during service was continued.

Moreover, IG Islamabad laid the foundation of a special society, "Mubeen Cottages," for the families of Islamabad Police martyrs and handed over allotment documents to them during a dignified ceremony.

To honor the bravery of police officers during service, they were awarded police Shuhjaat and Ghazi medals to boost their morale. Following this, IG Islamabad issued merit-based promotion orders for police officers and organized ceremonies to pin their ranks, inviting their families to the events.

A traffic theme park was specially designed and constructed to provide a peaceful and recreational space for families and children to spend beautiful moments together.

To promote friendly policing and reduce the gap between the public and police, the "Friend of Police Internship Program" was launched, allowing students from various educational institutions to work in different divisions of Islamabad Police and be briefed on police work by officers.

Special city watchers' teams were deployed to protect citizens' lives and property in the city's commercial centers. To enhance the capacity of Safe City Islamabad and ensure the city's best surveillance, the technical uplift of the Safe City project was ensured, incorporating various types of AI-based software into the system.

To address the shortage of personnel in Islamabad Police and ensure the efficient handling of all administrative and executive matters, the recruitment process for 1113 vacant positions was initiated, with a senior police officers' selection board overseeing the transparent completion of this process.

A sports gala was organized at Police Lines Headquarters to encourage police officers, engage them in healthy activities, and ensure their mental and physical development alongside law and order duties.

Islamabad Police also organized a self-defense course for citizens, providing physical training, swimming, firearms practice, rappelling, obstacle crossing, horse riding, and archery to strengthen physical and mental self-confidence within them.

To control street crime and combat criminal elements, the Ababeel Squad was formed to ensure the protection of citizens' lives and property. A Special Protection Unit, comprising commandos, was activated to ensure the safety of foreign nationals in the federal capital. The Special Protection Unit was made more effective for the security of Chinese citizens, with an additional 140 police personnel deployed.

IG Islamabad Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi met with Chinese officials to brief them on the measures taken by the Islamabad Police to ensure the foolproof security of Chinese nationals.

During Eid-ul-Adha, IG Islamabad ordered extraordinary security arrangements, celebrated Eid with the families of martyrs, and supervised all security arrangements with officers for three consecutive days, distributing Eid gifts among officers as well.

On this occasion, IG Islamabad Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi emphasized that peace and security are essential for any nation's social and economic prosperity and political stability.

He highlighted the need for joint efforts by society and law enforcement agencies to achieve better results through community policing and combating crime.

He further said that efforts are continuously made to enhance community policing with citizens and work together for a safe and peaceful Islamabad.