IFA Destroys 13k Contaminated Milk In ICT

IFA destroys 13k contaminated milk in ICT

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Jun, 2024) Islamabad Food Authority (IFA) on Thursday launched a major crackdown against the contaminated milk sellers in the Federal capital and destroyed 13,000 litters of contaminated milk being sold to the public. 

Speaking to APP, Deputy Director of Operations (DDO) of IFA, Dr. Tahira Saddique, said that the teams inspected various vehicles and shops to ensure compliance with health standards. 

During the raid, officials tested 25,000 liters of milk. Out of them, 13,000 liters were found to be contaminated and substandard, which were destroyed.


The relevant authorities also imposed heavy fines on the milk-selling shops. Meanwhile, four shops were sealed for selling sub-standard milk. 

Dr. Tahira Siddique emphasized the importance of public health and stated that any negligence in this area would not be tolerated. 

She reiterated the IFA’s dedication to fostering a healthy environment for the citizens of the federal capital. 

She urged the community to support efforts against food adulteration to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.


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