IG Sindh's Kidnapping Drama Staged By Bilawal, Maryam: Shehzad Akbar


IG Sindh's kidnapping drama staged by Bilawal, Maryam: Shehzad Akbar

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 22nd Oct, 2020 ) :Advisor to the Prime Minister on Interior and Accountability Barrister Shehzad Akbar Wednesday said that the drama of IG Sindh's 'kidnapping' was either staged by Bilawal Bhutto and Maryam Nawaz together or Bilawal was deceiving her.

He said that police was always used for political purposes by the Sindh government and the step by the concerned police officers for seeking leave was not suitable. How the system or police morale can be improved by going on two months leave, he questioned.

In a talk show programme of a private news channel, Barrister Shehzad Akbar said its government's responsibility to provide foolproof security to Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) rallies and it had earlier provided Elite Police Force to Maryam Nawaz during PDM's Gujranwala rally.