IIUI Takes Action Against 26 Students For Violating Peace

IIUI takes action against 26 students for violating peace

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th Jan, 2022 ) :International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIU) has taken action against 26 students who were involved in disturbing peace at campus.

Out of these students, 22 students have been expelled forever, 3 students expelled for one semester and 1 student has been expelled for 2 semesters.

According to the spokesman IIUI, Nasir Farid, the Students Discipline Committee had issued show cause notices to the involved students and they were given 72 hours to reply. After that, the committee, in the light of evidence, decided to take action against these 26 students.

The spokesman told that every student has the prerogative to file an appeal to the university President against the decision of the Students Discipline Committee. He added that the committee, in the light of the evidence, has also issued show cause notices to 6 more students.

The spokesperson said that International Islamic University has said that university will show no tolerance to indiscipline and such unlawful activities. The administration has said that it would not hesitate to take any action against the elements that are on the agenda to defame the image of IIUI.