Inaugural Ceremony Of Research Cycle-I Held At Federal Academy

Inaugural Ceremony of   Research Cycle-I held at Federal Academy

The formal inaugural ceremony of Research Cycle-I (April- October-2019) was held here at the Federal Judicial Academy on April 18, 2019

Islamabad (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / Online - 18th April, 2019) The formal inaugural ceremony of Research Cycle-I (April- October-2019) was held here at the Federal Judicial academy on April 18, 2019.Director General of the Academy,.

Hayat Ali Shah spoke about persistent efforts behind the creation of this novel idea of "Research Cycle "in judiciary.DG, FJA also dwelt on the need to promote a "research culture" in the judiciary."The sole purpose of research is in finding a solution for a problem which benefits the general populace as a whole.

The real charm of research lies in impacting society. The Academy is committed to provide high quality judicial education and training and to conduct high impact research which will contribute significantly to the improved service delivery.

This training will raise the capacity of young judicial officers in the field of research. Our judicial problems need our own research-based solutions", he maintained.In his conclusive remarks, the DG of the Academy hailed the ICRC team and the directors of the Academy who mulled, toiled and moiled for the actualization of this project and programme.

Speaking on the occasion Head of Delegation, International Committee of the Red Cross in Pakistan, Mr.

Reto Stocker, shed light on the mission and mandate of the ICRC, its fundamental principles, its working and milestone achievements during his six years long stay with the ICRC in Pakistan, amongst other things."Research is a noble effort.

Change always comes from within. For this purpose, focused and reflective research play a pivotal role. The ICRC has always tried to introduce innovative and the best practices wherever we have worked and we will do the same in this endeavor with the Federal Judicial Academy.

This work of the FJA deserves appreciation and recognition," Stocker concluded.This first ever unique programme called "Research Cycle-I" at the Academy is launched in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in which young judicial officers both males and females, with a strong penchant for research from all over Pakistan have been nominated by the High Courts to undergo this six months long programme.

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