India Cannot Forcefully Suppress Voices Of Kashmiri People:


India cannot forcefully suppress voices of Kashmiri people:

ISLAMABAD,(UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th july,2016) : Defense Analyst Lt. Gen. Retd. Abdul Qayyum Khan said on monday that India cannot forcefully suppress the voices of Kashmiri people. Talking to Radio Pakistan he said, Pakistan is supporting Kashmir cause at international level through diplomatic channels.

"It is very simple and realistic that Kashmir issue must be resolved and Kashmiris must be given their freedom.

He further said the bullets have been fired on innocent Kashmiris and their voices have been snubbed by Indian forces. Indian leadership is giving irrational statements because they are worried about rising movement in Kashmir, he added.

It is written in UN charter that no nation will be deprived of it right of self determination. So, Kashmiri nation should be given its fundamental right and freedom for that matter, he urged.