India Can't End Desire Of Freedom Of Kashmiris Despite Its Tactics: President


India can't end desire of freedom of Kashmiris despite its tactics: President

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 27th Oct, 2021 ) :President Dr Arif Alvi Wednesday said India could never end the desire of freedom of Kashmiris despite all of its tactics.

Speaking at an event in connection with the Kashmir Black Day here, he said recently Kashmiris expressed their love for Pakistan after win in the cricket match.

"Women celebrated the victory of Pakistan in Srinagar when it won against India." He said today in Tripura of Indian Occupied Kashmir, riots between Muslims and Hindus occurred and Muslims formed human chains to protect their mosques.

He said India while oppressing the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir reached a stage where it declared all Muslims in the country traitors.

Khushwant Singh wrote a book "The End of India" in 2004 and stated that Pakistan did not have to do anything as India was collapsing internally, he explained.

The President said when a state will act on the basis of fake news, it would not move ahead.

"A French writer wrote that if you wanted to end a nation, distort its culture, erase its history and values and write a new history and adopt a new culture," he said adding if a nation kept on remembering its values and history, nobody could end its freedom.

He pointed out that India wanted to change its history.

Talking about the era of Mughals, he said at that time Hindustan progressed and was producing 25 percent of the gross domestic product of the world.

Dr Alvi said India was pursuing the agenda of hate in reaction to what was happening in Kashmir.

India could not create a connection of love with Kashmir in the last 74 years, he said adding India could not show to the world what was happening in Kashmir.

He said Pakistan held Kashmir cricket league to show how peaceful was the country while on the other hand, Kashmiris were fighting against Indian hegemony and were offering sacrifices of lives.

The President said Kashmiris were fighting for their liberation even if India was using pellet guns against them and making women widows.

He said whole villages in Occupied Kashmir were sieged and people were martyred but still Kashmiris were battling against India.

He recalled British sold the region of Kashmir to the Dogra raj for Rs two million and the Dogra ruled for 100 years but Muslims remained committed to their religion.

In the history of the world, it never happened that religions of the people could be changed, he added.

The President said the international community and Pakistan had a role to resolve the Kashmir dispute.

However, role of the international community was disappointing as it could not the resolve Kashmir issue according to the principle that Muslim majority states would become part of Pakistan.

The international community was not acting against India because of its vested interests, he asserted.

He said India illegally occupied Junagarh, Hyderabad and other states at the time of independence and the Boundary Commission of Britain unfairly settled the border issues between India and Pakistan.

He said the actions of India had turned the Muslims and minorities against it.

He assured that Pakistan would continue to fight the case of Kashmiris on moral grounds and one day Kashmiris would gain their freedom.