Int'l Day For Natural Disaster Reduction To Be Marked On Oct 13


Int'l day for natural disaster reduction to be marked on Oct 13

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 11th Oct, 2021 ) :International day for natural disaster reduction will be marked on October 13 across the globe including Pakistan to raise the profile of disaster risk reduction.

It also encourages people and governments to participate in building more resilient communities and nations.

Activities for the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction usually include media announcements about launches for campaigns that center on the day's theme.

Governments and communities also take part in the day observance through various events such as drawing, drama, essay or photography competitions that focus on making people aware of natural disaster reduction and increasing their preparedness for such situations.

Other activities include: community tree planting; conferences, fairs and seminars; and street parades.

Many people around the world have lost their lives, homes or access to essential facilities, such as hospitals, due to natural disasters, including earthquakes, droughts, tsunamis, heavy flooding, hurricanes or cyclones. Some of these disasters have caused economic damage to some countries.

UN acknowledges that education, training and information exchanges are effective ways to help people become better equipped in withstanding natural disasters.