Int'l Day Of Older Persons To Be Marked On Oct 1

Int'l Day of Older Persons to be marked on Oct 1

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th Sep, 2022 ) :International Day of Older Persons will be marked on October 1 (Saturday) across the globe including Pakistan to recognize the contributions of older persons and to examine issues that affect their lives.

The International Day of Older Persons is a special day for senior citizens worldwide.

International Day of Older Persons is a special day for older persons or senior citizens all over the world. In many countries, politicians make speeches, particularly those responsible for government departments that focus on senior citizens, at this time of the year. Some radios, televisions or newspapers publish interviews with senior citizens on various issues such as achievements they made to create a better society.

Other activities surrounding this day include: displays of promotional material on the International Day of Older Persons in schools, tertiary institutions, office buildings and public notice boards; media announcements on the day and activities that promote older persons; and inter-generational cooperation on voluntary activities focused on the environment, health, education or community services.

The World Health Organization (WHO), which is the UN's directing and coordinating authority for health related issues, and other groups have been actively involved in promoting public awareness and attention on the International Day of Older Persons. Discussions are centered on topics such as: ageing populations and the provision of adequate healthcare for aged persons; volunteer work; social care; and ways to be more inclusive of older persons in the workforce.