Investors To Be Facilitated In All Terms To Promote E-commerce

Gateways In Pakistan


Investors to be facilitated in all terms to promote e-commerce
gateways in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -1st Sep,2016) : The government would ensure all sorts of facilitation and support for any player wanting to invest in establishment of e-commerce gateways.

As a core component of e-commerce value chain, the e-commerce gateways have unmatched potential in Pakistan's booming online market. State Bank has already enabled PSP licensing framework in this regard. An official at Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications on Thursday said Pakistan's IT & Telecom Sector has a lot of potential and now we have to explore ways to reap this possible mutual dividend from tech sectors in an optimal way. "We believe in "Digital Pakistan" and cooperation and collaboration of private sector will help us to materialize this vision of "accelerated digitization," the official said.

The official quoting Minister of State for IT and Telecom, Anusha Rehman Khan said, "We are already collaborating with Ministry of Commerce for development of e-commerce gateway framework so that online commercial ventures could flourish further and consumers and companies could get more confidence in online payment systems.

"We are working on agenda of ubiquitous development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure across the country with special emphasis on serving marginalized (un- served/under-served) segment of the society," the official said, adding that due to these strenuous efforts, broadband penetration has risen to more than 23 % which was less than 3 % in 2013. The official highlighted efforts of the Minister and also her meetings with foreign delegates relating to e-Commerce promotion in the country.