Jamina, The First Masters' Degree Holder Kaslah Woman To Join Police Force

Jamina, the first Masters' degree holder Kaslah woman to join police force

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 13th Jul, 2020 ) :Jamina has become the first ever Kalash woman who after obtaining MA Political Science degree preferred to be the part of Community Policing,a profession not even thought of to be adopted by the women in this remote valley having their own unadventurous traditions.

Jamina is the lone lady from Kalash valley of Chitral who preferred joining police force with a determination to bring name for her unique community.

The 33-year-old, Jamina is a torch-bearer for the women of her community and indeed obtaining a master degree in an area where education is not considered an important tool and necessities of life are considered as priority to live.

It seems the passion to serve her people was in her blood as already she was effectively playing a role in settling domestic disputes in her locality, lecturing people for addressing their issues through dialogue rather than committing suicides, religious harmony and provision of proper facilities and security to the people visiting their area.

She got Primary education from a Government school situated in her locality and obtained Masters degree in Political Science from Shiringal University and becomes the lone lady police official from Kalash valley with a Masters degree.

Talking to a news channel, Jamina said she is employed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police since 2009 and feels proud to part of a brave police force.

Women should join police force, she said adding "I perform shoulder to shoulder with police force in the snow covered mountains of Chitral".

Jamina said it's in fact the education which gives you the strength to come out of the cocoon and do something for your motherland. By performing in police force, she said we can enhance the image of our women on national and international level.

Jamina maintained that she had a desire since childhood to be a part of police force and now she is not only earning livelihood for her family but also earning good name by resolving issues of people on local level.

Jamina continued that she has five brothers and as many sisters and her father runs a local hotel adding her father feels very proud of her. Quoting her father as saying she said while smiling "It's a matter of great prestige for me to see my daughter in a beautiful uniform".

Former DPO Chitral, Wasim Riaz who is now deputed at Bannu said,"Community policing helps a lot in settling domestic disputes. The district reconciliation committees (DRCs) and Liaison Committees are yielding fruitful results." Mentioning Jamina, he said"Joining of police force by women from such a remote valley is much encouraging for all of us as in today's world participation of women folk in a spheres of life is a need of hour."